About Us

About us

Ethical Corporation has provided business intelligence for sustainability since 2001.

We serve around 3,000 customers a year mainly from big business. Our customers are also NGOs, think-tanks, academia, governments and service providers to the corporate sustainability industry.

We're a part of FC Business Intelligence Ltd, an independently owned company based in London. Ethical Corporation is 100% focused on global ethical business and how large companies are responding to the sustainable business agenda.

We have writers and experts all over the world. We publish the leading global responsible business magazine, host events and sell independent research. Our conferences are widely recognised as the best in the field.

The EC team

Sara Baylis directs the company and manages the whole team. Liam Dowd oversees all things marketing. Elina Yumasheva, Boris Petrovic and Krina Amin are our conference directors. Aaron Jackson takes care of sponsorship and advertising. Anna King helps market all product and services. Harshi Joshi, Greg Cohen look after subscriptions and managing the magazine and Zara Maung is the Editor of the magazine. To find out more about us, click on the following links: for the MagazineConferences and Research

Our print magazine and website

Our print magazine is published ten times a year. We love it. It's 52 pages every issue. That's 600 pages a year of independent, critically constructive analysis of global corporate responsibility issues. All the articles are on this website, on the homepage and in the archive. We publish independent business journalism and commentary that you can't get anywhere else. We also publish almost daily on Ethicalcorp.com 

Our conferences 

Our flagship conference is called the Responsible Business Summit. We host it during the first week of May each year in London and we’ve expanded it to North America and Asia.

Our other conferences are all very focused on key corporate responsibility management issues. These include reporting, supply chains, heavy industry and other issue or sector based area. The conferences are about two things: Strategy, and Management. We usually discuss strategy on the first morning, and then spend a day and a half on management of difficult CR issues.

We use corporate case studies and select only the best companies as speakers. All of our conference agendas are rooted in in-depth research undertaken in cooperation with our corporate customers and other key stakeholders. Click here for more event information.

Our research, debate, workshop and other products

Every year, Ethical Corporation produces a number of independent research reports which we then sell on to our customers. These reports are always about how strategy is being implemented by leading companies in the sector.

Recent reports have included water use reduction, socio-economic impact assessments and how companies embed corporate responsibility into business operations. We are working hard to produce even more. We also have a variety of other products available for corporate customers and service providers to industry.

Our Webinar product is an online chat with leading experts, allowing anyone from around the world to take part in a simple, engaging way and join the debate. A sample debate is here. We market these debates heavily to our database; usually reaching more than 30,000 readers and having several hundred take part in each debate. 

Our Supported Editorial product is a level above the advertorial offered by others. We work with leading companies such as PepsiCo, Cargill Truvia and Microsoft to offer corporate supported analysis of a particular issue. We ensure distribution to tens of thousands of readers and opinion formers around the world, from our database of more than 80,000 CR contacts. Here’s an example.

For prices and availability contact Aaron Jackson on +44 (0)207 375 7244 or send an email to subs@ethicalcorp.com for more information.

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