We delve into four of the most critical issues facing business and discuss how circular economy is providing solutions.

In our interactive roundtables we debate the following five questions to our roundtable leaders:

  • How to find new solutions that enables more resource efficiency?

  • What are you doing to reduce your environmental footprint?

  • Where are you finding the most successes?

  • How do your consumers perceive the change in products?

  • How do you respond to negative criticism?


  • Gavin Milligan, Group Sustainability Director, William Jackson Food Group 

  • Chris Cook, Global Sustainability Director, AkzoNobel

  • Kate Gibson, Vice President Corporate Responsability, IHG

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Responsible Business Summit 2016

June 2016, London

EthicalCorp’s flagship event features 12 CEOs, 50+ speakers and over 400 attendees all debating how business can create a positive impact through smarter, more sustainable business strategy

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