This session focuses on how two brands have successfully leveraged marketing to drive sustainable innovation. Learn how to develop a sustainability mind-set that will create value for long term business.

Sky leads on innovative ways to practically leverage your brand position to create change. With a focus on changing young people’s lives, Sky has strengthened its business to address sustainability needs and be a true responsible business leader.

Deutsche Telekom looks at the practical business case for your commercial teams and unique value proposition which sustainability can create – secure the business case, the buy-in and develop better sustainable products that are superior to competitors.


  • Jake Attfield, Head of Business Operations, Deutsche Telekom

  • Lucy Carver, Director of The Bigger Picture, Sky

  • Mark McGinn, Head of Sustainability Marketing, Telefonica UK O2

Responsible Business Summit 2016

June 2016, London

EthicalCorp’s flagship event features 12 CEOs, 50+ speakers and over 400 attendees all debating how business can create a positive impact through smarter, more sustainable business strategy

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