Your social license begins with stakeholder engagement, and should be early and continuous. However, expectations of the extractives industry are rising and reduced budgets impact the way you manage your relationship with stakeholders

  • Hear regional case studies about how to implement effective engagement with indigenous communities in the mining industry

  • Under promise and over deliver: Learn how to manage community expectations whilst maintaining social acceptance

  • Learn how to maximise impact from participation in Multi-Stakeholder Initiatives and Cross-Industry working groups

  • Discover the best ways to engage with project opposition & understand their concerns


  • Kurt Budge, Chief Executive Officer, Beowulf Mining

  • Mark Thorpe, Vice President of Sustainability,Torex Gold Corporation

  • Joanne Freeze, President & Chief Executive Officer, Candente Copper Corporation

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The Responsible Extractives Summit 2016

June 2016, London

Expert speakers from business, governments and the investment community will debate the recent political and economic pressures and outline practical solutions to build a more sustainable industry

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