Three top trends and priorities for sustainability executives over the coming year

As part of the build up to the 14th Annual Responsible Business Summit we wanted to gauge some of the top priorities for 2015 and beyond. We reached out to our global community to get a snapshot of their key priorities and opportunities for 2015.

A total of 472 professionals shared their views, helping us identify key trends both globally and also within distinct regions.

Three key findings:

  1. Sustainability becoming a driving force for businesses: 25% of our respondents stated that their organisations are driven by Sustainability. A further 48% stated that sustainability is either fully embedded or permeates most departments within their organisation. One would assume that this would increase as sustainability becomes more embedded in R&D and throughout the rest of the organisation.
  2. Embedding sustainability is top priority for 2015: Just over 45% of our respondents stated that embedding sustainability throughout the organisation is a top priority for 2015. The second highest priority is creating a culture of sustainability and third is sustainable innovation, at 44% and 33% respectively.
  3. Sustainable innovation is the future: 30% of our community stated that sustainable innovation is the most exciting opportunity for their organisations over the next five years. This echoes a trend that is found throughout our research for the 2015 Responsible Business Summit

The above trends have been taken from our newly published snapshot briefing Top Sustainability Trends 2015

The 6-page briefing contains stats and graphs that will give some insight on where sustainability is heading. It drills down into global trends to outline any differences between regions. The research for this briefing was done in conjunction with the more in-depth research for our Annual Responsible Business Summit


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Responsible Business Summit Europe 2015

May 2015, London, United Kingdom

Europe’s leading meeting place for corporate leaders delivering sustainable business. 12+ C-Suite and over 300 attendees will address some of the key issues and opportunities, including: sustainable innovation, collaboration, and resource efficiency and brand strategies

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