Business Strategy

Do you worry too much about ethical and ‘sustainable’ rankings?

Tobias Webb, (Dec 7, 2009)

As corporate responsibility becomes ever more complex and wide-ranging, issue-specific comparisons of companies are a much better way to go than the overall 'green' rankings and 'responsible' indexes, argues Toby Webb

Asda and sustainability – Better things in store?

Ben Cooper, (Dec 1, 2009)

Asda’s bold consumer empowerment drive has the company convinced that it is on the right track. Some campaigners remain to be impressed

Climate change and forestry analysis: REDD is the new green

EC Newsdesk, (Nov 30, 2009)

Mark Rose, chief executive of pioneering international conservation organisation Fauna & Flora International, answers the critics of plans for the Reduced Emissions from Deforestation and Degradation mechanism and explains why it must be given a chance to work if we are to avert catastrophic climate change

A case study of a different approach to CSR reporting: BAM Nuttall

Mallen Baker, (Nov 19, 2009)

Mallen Baker looks at how companies can be more original and engaging in corporate responsibility reporting. Supposing you put to one side the rules about how you're supposed to produce a CSR or sustainability report. Supposing you started with almost a blank page and focused on what might make the people you most want to communicate with actually read your report. What would that look

Essay: Patagonia’s steep route to success

EC Newsdesk, (Nov 11, 2009)

John Mullins and Randy Komisar explore how one company’s experience provides lessons for good management practice in difficult economic times

China column – Bye-bye backhanders

Paul French, (Nov 11, 2009)

China’s initiative on removing corruption in tendering for public contracts are a victory for transparency, says Paul French, China editor

Sustainability news roundup – November 2009

EC Newsdesk, (Nov 10, 2009)

Moves from European Investment Bank, Qatar Airways, Ecuador-Chevron and all the latest from other brands in corporate responsibility and sustainability this month

Analysis: Tesco – Landfill leadership questioned

Ben Cooper, (Nov 10, 2009)

Tesco has diverted 100% of its UK waste away from landfill but has failed to win over sceptics

Biochar – Black environmental gold

Zara Maung, (Nov 10, 2009)

Organic chocolate manufacturer Green & Black’s is pioneering biochar, a new carbon-storage strategy

Coca-Cola Enterprises: 2008 Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability Report – Getting a taste for it

Kyle Whitaker, (Nov 4, 2009)

The bottler of Coca-Cola’s brands demonstrates reporting fizz

Corporate responsibility – Embedding ethics

Ian Welsh - Editor, (Nov 4, 2009)

The secret to taking corporate responsibility seriously is making it part of normal business for all departments and functions

Coffee: UK coffee houses – Brewing a better café culture

Oliver Balch, (Nov 3, 2009)

UK consumers love their caffeine kick, but are coffee accreditation and certification programmes giving small producers a boost?

Starbucks: Darcy Willson-Rymer – Shouting about ethical connections

Oliver Balch, (Nov 3, 2009)

Starbucks’ UK head is proud of the company’s credentials and wants to spread the word

Analysis: pharma payouts – Pfizer coughs up $2.3bn

Jeni Bauser Yaghoubi, (Nov 3, 2009)

Marketing unapproved drugs has landed Pfizer in big trouble

Letter from America – Hit business reset

Peter Knight, (Nov 3, 2009)

It would be nice to believe the economic crisis had jolted business into better ways of thinking, but there is plenty of evidence that silliness still abounds, says Peter Knight

Greenwasher – November 2009

"Greenwasher", (Nov 3, 2009)

This month Greenwasher considers types of corporate responsibility managers, pressure on astroturfing and shifts towards sustainability as core business

Sustainability news roundup – October 2009

EC Newsdesk, (Oct 29, 2009)

Moves from Trafigura, Shell, Vattenfall, Total and all the latest from other brands in corporate responsibility and sustainability this month

Analysis: sovereign funds – Northern light

Eric Marx, (Oct 27, 2009)

Norway’s huge sovereign wealth fund could influence global sustainability practices with its new investment guidelines

Kimberly-Clark and Greenpeace – Sorting the good from the trees

EC Newsdesk, (Oct 27, 2009)

Kimberly-Clark and Greenpeace have gone from combatants to collaborators and it could pave the way for improving the behaviour of other consumer goods titans

Locust: Investment advice – Game over for pay to play

Locust, (Oct 27, 2009)

Locust dissects a proposed new rule from the US financial watchdog to counter corruption from public pension fund investing