Business Strategy

Why companies should take mental health awareness beyond the workplace

Rich Goddard, (Aug 28, 2019)

As growing numbers of companies launch programmes to tackle increasing stress and anxiety among their workers, Rich Goddard explores the role that corporations could play in addressing those issues in society at large

Press release: The City of the Future with the Mayor of West Sacramento

Ed Long, (Aug 22, 2019)

Christopher Cabaldon, Mayor, City of West Sacramento, to join #RBSWEST, San Diego, October [9-10]

Changing the narrative: why paying tax should be a badge of pride for companies

Paul Monaghan, (Aug 20, 2019)

With three-quarters of consumers saying they would prefer to buy from a company that pays its fair share of tax, Fair Tax Mark’s Paul Monaghan says doing the right thing makes business sense

The disruptors: How WWF’s Pavan Sukhdev went from career banker to natural capital guru

Oliver Balch, (Aug 14, 2019)

Oliver Balch meets the man who pioneered the concept of including social and environmental costs into economic valuations, and reports on his latest initiatives to help companies minimise the harm they do

Ethical Corporation’s Responsible Business Summit West: Q&A with Christopher Wellise, HPE

Ed Long, (Aug 7, 2019)

In this Q&A, Ethical Corporation’s Head of US Operations Ed Long talks with Christopher Wellise, Chief Sustainability Officer at Hewlett Packard Enterprise, on how HPE is moving from a linear to a circular economy, leading on sustainability and disclosing ESG risks to investors

How Airbnb and WeWork are opening new doors to refugees

Michael Levitin, (Aug 7, 2019)

Michael Levitin reports on two companies that are supporting refugee entrepreneurs in the US

Investing in people: how brands are stepping up to the refugee crisis

Michael Levitin, (Aug 7, 2019)

Michael Levitin reports on how organisations like the Tent Partnership for Refugees are proving that employing refugees is good for business

CSR Cheat Sheet part 3: BlackRock’s uncertain progress on ESG

Oliver Balch, (Aug 5, 2019)

In part three of his monthly sustainability news round-up Oliver Balch reports on growing pressure for the world's largest asset manager to step up action on climate change as the sustainable finance industry begins to get serious traction

CSR Cheat Sheet part 2: Progress patchy in drive to close loop on fashion

Oliver Balch, (Aug 5, 2019)

In part two of his monthly round up of sustainability news, Oliver Balch reports on how progress on circularity by the likes of Burberry, Zara, and C&A is not widely replicated

CSR Cheat Sheet part 1: Growing hunger shows food industry off-track to meet SDGs

Oliver Balch, (Aug 5, 2019)

In the first part of his monthly round-up of sustainability news Oliver Balch looks at a pair of reports from the Food and Agriculture Organisation that are a curtain-raiser to this week’s report on the impact of climate change and land use from the IPCC

From nice to have to need to have: how companies can push ESG up the boardroom agenda

Johanna Tahtinen, (Aug 1, 2019)

Johanna Tahtinen of the World Business Council for Sustainable Development explains how boards can improve governance systems to meaningfully integrate ESG

Ethical Corporation’s Responsible Business Summit West: Q&A with Abby Maxman, Oxfam North America

Ed Long, (Aug 1, 2019)

In this Q&A, Ethical Corporation’s Head of US Operations Ed Long talks with Abby Maxman on Oxfam North America's top priorities for the coming year, the importance of collaboration and what transformation business needs to do to meet the needs of the customer of the future

Ethical Corporation’s Responsible Business Summit West: Q&A with Samir Goswami, Partnership on AI

Ed Long, (Jul 30, 2019)

In this Q&A, Ethical Corporation’s Head of US Operations Ed Long talks to Samir Goswami about business transformation, collaboration and what is exciting about the AI industry at present

Why managers are key to encouraging a ‘speak up’ culture

Rozlyn Spinks, (Jul 23, 2019)

Rozlyn Spinks of the Institute of Business Ethics explains how simply changing the terminology from ‘whistleblower’ can be a first step to fostering a more open culture

What big brands can learn from the smaller players about sustainability

Melissa Wade, (Jul 19, 2019)

Despite increasingly conscious consumers, established retailers are struggling to transition to more sustainable practices. Melissa Wade of BJSS sets out five lessons brands can learn from more agile and eco-friendly startups

The disruptors: Lucas Joppa’s mission to use Microsoft’s computational might for good

Oliver Balch, (Jul 18, 2019)

Oliver Balch reports on how the tech giant’s first ever chief environmental officer is aiming to ‘optimise a super-simple equation’ – reduce Microsoft's carbon footprint and maximise its positive impact by harnessing the power of AI

Young activists use the power of photography to tackle sexual harassment on the streets

Régine Debrabandere, (Jul 18, 2019)

Régine Debrabandere of Plan International Belgium on the success of BruxELLES, a collaborative project with Canon Europe launched to explore SDG5 on gender equality, which has captured political attention and offered young people a voice

Training for the deforestation marathon

David Cleary, (Jul 15, 2019)

With major companies warning their deforestation commitments are off track, David Cleary of The Nature Conservancy suggests business leaders strive for the humanly possible and work with NGOs to realise their long-term sustainability goals

Leadership Keynote: Leading "Inclusive Capitalism"

Conference Recording, (Jul 14, 2019)

Finalists for Ethical Corporation's Responsible Business Awards revealed

EC Newsdesk, (Jul 12, 2019)

Orsted, HPE, L’Oreal, ABN Amro, MIcrosoft, Coca Cola, WWF, Thermo Fisher, Fairphone, ReNew Power, MAX Burgers, Skipton Building Society, Nissan Europe, Acciona, Google, Maersk, MOndi, Nordea, Santader Brasil and Hasiru Dala are among the nominees being shortlisted for this year’s The Responsible Business Awards