On March 22nd-23rd, senior experts from the mining, oil & gas, steel and other heavy industries will gather in London to share best practice on how they tackle social & environmental challenges in their operations.

London 16th February, 2010

Czech Coal and Minera San Cristóbal (Bolivia) have both just been added to the long list of speakers at the Social & Environmental Risk Management Conference. Having hands-on experts with a Central European and South American perspective is set to add another interesting spin to the event.


This 2 day conference offers a unique opportunity for cross industry learning. Harnessing decades of experience across the mining, oil & gas and steel industries, attendees will be able to learn from past mistakes and formulate environmental and social engagement programs that best fit their risk profile.

A case study on Minera San Cristóbal, a zinc mine in Bolivia will review how they have started quantifying their ‘Social License to Operate’. The results generated were not only useful in safeguarding their operations, but it has also proved to be a hit with financiers. ArcelorMittal and Anglo American will also share how they maintain their social license to operate in the same session.

Speaking alongside Nexen and Chevron; Czech Coal will share their experience in both successful and unsuccessful efforts of engagement with local government and communities in Czech Republic.

Chevron’s Corporate Policy Advisor, Kristen Knoepfle-Thorne commented that “Global extractives and manufacturing industries face similar challenges as we operate within very complex environmental and social systems. This practical conference brings together some of the best from these industries. Promoting real cross sector learning, experts will share valuable experiences, best practices and challenges in an open and constructive manner.”

The number, and seniority, of current delegates bear testament to the popularity and importance of the topic. At the moment, the organisers are welcoming representatives from Xstrata, BP, Rio Tinto, Suncor Energy, Maersk Oil, Repsol, Agip KCO, the World Gold Council etc…

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