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BrandWatch – April 2015

Nadine Hawa, (Apr 7, 2015)

GMO-free Hershey, Citigroup climate pledge, Vodafone maternity benefits and 3M updates paper policy

Essay: Past, Present and Future: The Road to a Sustainable Agri-sector

Lucas Simons, (Mar 3, 2015)

The palm oil sector is on the verge of important structural change, but it’s still a long way from true sustainability

Cheat sheet: Corporate responsibility cheat sheet

Oliver Balch, (Dec 2, 2014)

We read all the reports so you don't have to

Analysis: Timber trade – Making sure we hear every tree that falls

Oliver Balch, (Nov 5, 2014)

WWF has enlisted corporations to pressure the EU to tighten laws on illegal timber

Analysis: Asia Pulp & Paper Forest – restoration not destruction

Sam Phipps, (Jun 11, 2014)

In a major turnaround, APP is taking a lead with its forest protection and restoration initiative

Palm oil debate Part 2: How can companies lead on sustainable palm oil?

Eric Boyle, (Apr 4, 2014)

Hershey has committed to sourcing 100% traceable sustainable palm oil by the end of 2014. This will be difficult without additional transparency from palm oil suppliers, says Eric Boyle

Palm oil debate Part 4: Big business takes the lead

Gina-Marie Cheeseman, (Apr 3, 2014)

From Wilmar and Golden Agri Resources to Kellogg and Hershey, big companies are leading the way by committing to sourcing sustainable palm oil, says Gina-Marie Cheeseman

Palm oil debate Part 3: The next stage for palm oil reform

Hilary Stauffer, (Apr 3, 2014)

Companies whose profits rely on the sale of products containing palm oil should not be allowed to hide behind supplier codes of conduct, says Hilary Stauffer

NGOwatch – April 2014

Nadine Hawa, (Apr 3, 2014)

Ray of hope for Indonesian fish, better paper and US tackles wildlife trafficking

Brazilian soy moratorium – So far, soy good?

Rob Bailes, (Mar 8, 2014)

A bar on trading soy linked to Amazon deforestation has been extended, again, to the end of 2014. But will the promised new monitoring mechanism be ready in time?

NGOWatch – February 2014

Nadine Hawa, (Feb 10, 2014)

Greenpeace challenges palm oil producers, the e-waste problem in China and the UN climate fund finds a home, at last

Analysis: deforestation – More trees set to fall in the Amazon?

Rob Bailes, (Dec 16, 2013)

Environmentalists fear that changes to rules governing agriculture in the Amazon are causing deforestation to rise again

Analysis: Asian fires – Burning issue

Eric Marx, (Aug 27, 2013)

South-east Asia’s forests and peatlands continue to go up in smoke, with serious consequences for regional air quality

Asia Pulp & Paper – Market pressures tip the balance

Andy Tait, (Apr 3, 2013)

Asia Pulp & Paper’s change of heart is good news for forest conservation, but consumers need to keep up the pressure, says Greenpeace’s Andy Tait

Asia Pulp & Paper – Turning over a new leaf?

Eric Marx, (Mar 7, 2013)

APP has made a dramatic commitment to zero deforestation