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Mato Grosso’s plan to halve land use for cattle in bid to curb deforestation

Mark Hillsdon, (Mar 7, 2020)

Mark Hillsdon reports on a €3.5m joint venture between the Sustainable Trade Initiative and the Carrefour Foundation has the potential to restore 150,000ha of tropical rainforest in the state

Last stand for forests in Ethical Corporation magazine

Terry Slavin, (Feb 11, 2020)

In the first of a two-part investigation into how brands are performing on their 2020 commitments to ending deforestation in their supply chains, this month we look at palm oil and timber products

'To reverse deforestation in the 2020s we must rebuild trust between forest countries and brands'

Justin Adams, (Jan 3, 2020)

Justin Adams of the Tropical Forest Alliance says durable change will only come when companies graduate from individual feelgood efforts and engage in the messy, hard work of collective action

CSR Cheat Sheet part 1: Amazon and Gap power up on clean energy

Oliver Balch, (Aug 28, 2019)

In the first part of his monthly review of sustainability news, Oliver Balch reports on how power purchase agreements by US companies are driving a boom in wind and solar projects, how falling costs of hydrogen could help speed the energy transition, and the health benefits from renewables

‘While Bolsonaro grandstands in Davos, he is wreaking untold damage in Amazon’

Dinamam Tuxa, (Jan 23, 2019)

Dinamam Tuxá of Articulation of the Indigenous Peoples of Brazil says despite the president’s attempts to woo the global elite at WEF, the indigenous people who are protecting forests are under severe threat

Want to fight climate change? Start by checking what's on your plate

Julie Nash, (Dec 18, 2018)

Julie Nash of Ceres says most food companies are tackling only a tiny fraction of their greenhouse gas emissions, despite the fact the sector produces more climate-causing gases than transport and buildings sectors combined

Final countdown for forests in the magazine

Terry Slavin, (Nov 2, 2018)

In the November issue of Ethical Corporation we assess progress on corporate zero deforestation commitments as the clock ticks down to 2020, and how the healthcare sector is stepping up efforts to meet the Sustainable Development Goals

Ten years on, few have joined Norway in funding the battle against deforestation

Terry Slavin, (Jul 5, 2018)

With forests rapidly losing their capacity to regulate the climate, countries have to urgently step up finance for REDD+ and companies must implement their zero-deforestation commitments. Terry Slavin reports

CSR Cheat Sheet: UK retailer Iceland ditches palm oil over deforestation fears

Oliver Balch, (Apr 16, 2018)

UK retailer to remove palm oil from own-brand products; animal welfare index snubs Sainsbury; shipping industry agrees decarbonisation strategy

Top stories of 2017: #7 Green shoots of hope for forests amid setbacks

Mark Hillsdon, (Dec 13, 2017)

The battle to stop deforestation continued to rage across the planet in 2017, writes Mark Hillsdon. But the year ended with a flurry of new commitments and partnerships aimed at saving the world’s forests, and restoring millions of hectares of degraded land

‘The spirit of Anita Roddick is strong with us’: why Natura bought The Body Shop

Terry Slavin, (Oct 26, 2017)

The founders of the Brazilian cosmetics giant tell Ethical Corporation’s editor Terry Slavin how they could not turn down the opportunity to turn Natura into a global force for positive change

Weekly Watch: 6 April 2017

Rebecca Ley, (Mar 15, 2017)

#SquareMileChallenge on coffee cup waste, investors press Amazon on ESG, EU utilities locking in carbon, air pollution risks, sustainable plantations, China storage problems, saving crayfish, Florida B Corp

EthicsWatch: UK - Right to buy

EC Newsdesk, (Feb 11, 2016)

The ability of children to buy age-restricted goods online creates ethical as well as legal issues

BrandWatch – November 2015

Nadine Hawa, (Nov 19, 2015)

Affordable healthcare, company reputation ranking, Singapore ESG standards and Waitrose egg boxes

BrandWatch – September 2015

Nadine Hawa, (Sep 9, 2015)

Indian workplace diversity, APP peatland plans, Amazon investigation and Monsanto law-suit

NGOWatch – July 2015

Stephen Gardner, (Jul 14, 2015)

Dutch emissions targets, OECD criticised, Fair Wear wage report and European timber imports

Business school bulletin – June 2015

Oliver Balch, (Jun 4, 2015)

Delivering social return and cross-sector partnerships

C-Suite interview: Alexandra Palt, Chief Sustainability Officer of L’Oreal

Oliver Balch, (Feb 6, 2015)

The world’s largest cosmetics company lines up an ambitious set of sustainability goals. Will consumers buy them?

PolicyWatch – January 2015

Stephen Gardner, (Jan 6, 2015)

Electronics bin ban, Amazon soy moratorium, Luxembourg tax review and chemical footprint tool

BrandWatch – February 2014

Nadine Hawa, (Feb 7, 2014)

Nestlé targets the young unemployed, help to address water stress risks and GM’s new CEO