A keynote session from the Sustainability Reporting and Communications Summit 2018

Technology Keynote: Engaging stakeholders in the evolving sustainability landscape
  • Understanding of various Corporate Responsibility initiatives taken up with your organisations and the potential for scale therein using data driven decision making

  • Use of technology and data for sustainability reporting. How sustainability reporting is used for performance measurement and stakeholder communication? Some examples of how companies are using it.

  • How can we better engage stakeholders across the value chain for all our sustainability initiatives

  • Reporting for multiple frameworks using technology

  • Easier SDG performance measurement using technology


Richa Bajpai, Founder, Goodera

Andrew McConville, Head of External Affairs, Syngenta

Tjeerd Krumpelman, Head of Reporting & Stakeholder Engagement, ABN AMRO

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The Sustainability Reporting and Communications Summit 2018

October 2018, London

2018 will bring the best, the most innovative and most inspiring companies in sustainability reporting to London, with a focus on portraying total impact throughout their report

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