In our recently published Corporate Focus supplement, sponsored by Cargill, we look at how Truvia has developed a new natural sweetener that has a sustainable supply chain.

London 08/12/2010

“Sustainability supply chains are among the biggest responsible business challenges” writes Ethical Corporation’s founder Toby Webb in this recently published 12-page Briefing.

In the Briefing Mallen Baker goes on to state “For as long as there have been food brands, there have been campaigns about the quality of what’s in them, and our diets in general.” The majority of today’s companies are directly affected by either one or even both of the above issues.

This newly published briefing in the Ethical Corporation December/January joint issue looks how Truvia has addressed both the above issues. In doing so “Cargill’s Truvia business has made a good start to get things right – environmentally, socially and financially” writes Charles Secrett, former executive director of Friends of the Earth.

The briefing is formed of the following sections:

• Market history - Sweeteners and the wellness debate A review of the sweetener market and the quest to find the ideal replacement for sugar. There is also an overlook at the history of Stevia, which is the key ingredient in Truvia.

• Truvia supply chain - Sweet and sustainable This section outlines how Cargill is working with a farming cooperative in Argentina to establish a sustainable supply of stevia for its Truvia brand of sweetener.

• Market trends - An opportunity for Truvia? As a natural sweetener Truvia is well placed for success in the sweetener market. How can this be fully achieved? What regulatory hurdles have had to be overcome?

• NGO comment - A promising start Cargill’s Truvia sustainability programme is a welcome development and has a good model that others could copy. This critique also highlights where improvements can be made.

This briefing will provide you with a complete oversight of how Truvia has achieved its sustainable supply chain, the benefits that both Truvia and suppliers are enjoying because of this and areas where improvements can be made. Many of the initiatives and analysis can be turned and used for many companies looking to create a sustainable supply chain.

We are currently offering a free download of this whole briefing. Simply click here to get your free copy.

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