Disney’s greener paper procurement, electronic food delivery systems and sustainability at sea

Disney’s new paper policy

The Walt Disney Company is the world’s largest children’s book and magazine publisher, and the most profitable media conglomerate in the world. With such clout, Disney’s new paper sourcing and use policy – which commits the company to sourcing more sustainable fibre – will undoubtedly have a resounding impact on the paper industry.

The new policy spans all of Disney’s operations including its theme parks, resorts, cruise ships, media networks, product packaging, copy paper, book publishing and licensees. In all, the policy will affect 25,000 factories in more than 100 countries.

The policy outlines Disney’s commitment to eliminating paper products containing fibre from unwanted sources (such as illegally harvested wood and conservation areas), decreasing its overall paper use, and increasing recycling.

Disney launched the policy in two phases. The first focuses on addressing paper sourced for Disney-branded products and packaging, while the second tackles paper sourced by the company’s 3,700 independent licensees. Disney will report on its progress annually.

For years, Disney has been pressurised by non-profit groups such as the Rainforest Action Network (RAN) to improve its paper practices, its sourcing of paper from Indonesia via companies such as Asia Pulp & Paper, which has a record of...

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