Adidas caught napping on T-shirt slogans, Lego’s more sustainable bricks and brands begin to pay-up to Rana Plaza victim fund

Adidas drops naughty T-shirts  

The world’s second largest sporting goods manufacturer, Adidas, is withdrawing a range of T-shirts after slogans on the front of the garments attracted complaints.

Brazil’s tourism ministry objected to the sexual innuendos depicted on the clothing. One T-shirt read “Lookin’ to Score” with a woman in a bikini in front of the word “Brazil”.

The T-shirts were a limited edition sold only in the US and made to promote Brazil-themed shirts ahead of the football world cup being hosted by the South American country this summer.

Following the complaint from the Brazilian tourism board, the Brazilian president, Dilma Rousseff, tweeted: “Brazil is happy to receive tourists for the World Cup, but it is also ready to combat sex tourism.”

Fearing reputation damage, within hours of the complaint the giant sportswear maker announced that it was taking the controversial product off its shelves. 

Lego builds for the future  

Danish toy giant Lego is seeking alternatives to acrylonitrile butadiene styrene, the plastic resin it has been using in its signature bricks for more than 50 years.

The search for a new, sustainable brick material must not only blend with the already manufactured Lego bricks, but must equally stand the test of time, allowing...

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