Electronics bin ban, Amazon soy moratorium, Luxembourg tax review and chemical footprint tool

E-waste ban

The final deadline under a New York State law designed to better manage electronic waste passed on 1 January 2015. From this date anyone disposing of computers, televisions or other electronic equipment and peripherals in their household waste will be liable for a $100 fine. The measure will be implemented under a 2010 regulation that was needed, according to legislators, because e-waste in landfills or incinerators is environmentally harmful, and because old electronics contain “valuable materials to be reclaimed and reused”.

The trash ban is accompanied by a requirement on manufacturers to provide “free and convenient” recycling of e-waste. The European Union, by contrast, has a target for 45% of e-waste to be collected for recycling and reuse by 2016, and no ban on consumer disposal in household rubbish.

Soy moratorium extended

Brazil has decided to extend until the middle of 2016 a ban on the sale of soy from areas of the Amazon rainforest that were cleared for agriculture after July 2008. The programme, which has been credited with helping slow the rate of deforestation in the Amazon, was due to expire on 1 January 2015. It will now expire on 31 May 2016, to coincide with a deadline for...

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