The Responsible Business Summit 2013

07/05/2013 - 08/05/2013, London

Europe's largest and most acclaimed CSR summit. Featuring 500+ attendees 50+ speakers including; CEO of BUPA, Executive Editor of Greenpeace and Executive Editor of the Economist

Corporate Reputation Briefing Part 1: Masters of crisis mismanagement

For all the talk of putting stakeholders first, companies seem incapable of meeting their expectations. A conveyor belt of corporate crises has been the regrettable result

Don't make a drama out of a crisis

Oscar Wilde was a renowned optimist. “One can survive everything nowadays,” he once said, “except death.” Corporate communications folk, pay heed. Staple it as a motto on your office door. Burn it onto your brain. You’ll need it.

Optimism is a powerful impulse. It’s what pushed many unlucky PRs to keep turning up to the office during 2012: the belief that things might get better. Vodafone, HSBC, Fujitsu, BP and Barclays are just some of the big brands to find their names in the headlines for the wrong reasons over the past 12 months.

Crises, like forest fires, are often difficult to predict. By their nature, they can strike at any time. Often external political events are the match that ignites them. Consider the UK newspaper News of the World – a brand that became so toxic News International closed it – and the Leveson inquiry into the activities of the...

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