Bacardi’s recycled warehousing, McDonald’s gets greener, clean water from Coke and India’s solar boom

Bacardi recycles waste into warehouses

Drinks maker Bacardi has constructed three new warehouses at a rum distillery in Puerto Rico using concrete rubble. The waste was gathered following the demolition of six older structures. In what Bacardi describes as a cost- and environment-saving move, the spirits giant recycled more than 2,300 tonnes of rubble destined for landfill.

“We took all the rubble from the demolition and reused it as backfill material for our new warehouses,” says Julio Torruella, project director for Bacardi in Puerto Rico. “This was a zero-waste project designed to reuse steel and concrete, rather than sending material to landfill.” The move, equivalent to 150 truckloads of concrete, eliminated the need for the company to buy new material for construction.
As part of its sustainability programme, Bacardi aims to eliminate landfill waste at all its production sites by 2022.

A sustainable Big Mac?

When you think of sustainable dining, you may not picture fast food restaurants. But McDonald’s is aiming to change that. With a big focus on the company’s environmental and social impacts, the fast food chain recently announced a new global sustainability framework.

The framework, launched in conjunction with the company’s 2012-13 sustainability report, offers a global perspective on McDonald’s...

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