Internet access for the repressed, Credit Suisse goes for equality and better plastics in sight

Google aims to open web access

A new product seeded by Google Ideas, the internet giant’s “see-do tank”, enables friends to offer each other unfettered access to the internet, providing a much needed tool for people living in repressive countries with internet surveillance and censorship.

uProxy, developed by the University of Washington and Brave New Software Project, is a browser extension for Chrome and Firefox that lets users share a secure route to the web. uProxy likens itself to a personalised virtual private network – known as VPN – service. For example, a user based in the US can provide access to a friend in Iran or Syria via email or chat, which will then route their connection through the US user’s computer to provide a safe, private pathway to the internet. Both users need to have uProxy installed on their respective computers, as it’s not a centralised service. Once one party closes their web browser or turns off their computer, the uProxy connection will be cut off.

uProxy is currently being tested by a small, trusted batch of users to ensure the service is as secure and private as possible, before a roll-out to a larger audience.

The product was unveiled at a...

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