For those who fear there are too many non-profit organisations chasing the same goals, the venerable International Business Leaders Forum has some welcome news

When it comes to corporate sustainability, is the rise of more non-profit groups necessarily a good thing? Does a proliferation of NGOs threaten to create too many  organisations working in the same area with essentially the same mission?

That realisation appears to have set in at the International Business Leaders Forum (IBLF), which recently announced it would be winding down over the next several months after more than two decades in operation.

“While the world continues to face significant challenges in this area, we have come to realise that with many businesses now becoming self-sufficient in sustainable development, our business model of global corporate membership is no longer viable,” wrote Mark Foster, chairman of the IBLF board of trustees, in an email to members.

Speaking to Ethical Corporation, Foster confirms a plan to continue three core programmes as either standalone independent bodies or semi-autonomous concerns merged inside other organisations already operating in related areas.

These are: the International Tourism Partnership now successfully operating under its own brand and backed with considerable industry support; the Partnering Initiative, a global leader since 2004 in cross-sector partnerships training, which will explore new approaches to scale up its impact; and an international Business Standards programme whose in-country...

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