Here’s to the South African brewer’s business-focused approach to CSR floating to the top in the merged company

Anheuser-Busch (AB) InBev, the world’s largest brewer, is taking over SABMiller, the world’s second biggest. What does this mean for their respective sustainability programmes? A scan of their latest reports offers some clues.

The first comes in the titles. SABMiller has a Sustainable Development Report and AB InBev a Global Citizenship Report. The choice of terminology offers an immediate insight into their respective approaches: hard business-related sustainability for SABMiller; softer citizenship for AB InBev.

SABMiller’s report leads on its contribution to the UN Global Goals with its “Prosper” ambition to deliver shared prosperity for the business and the people in its value chain.

Prosper sets out five shared imperatives for a thriving, sociable, resilient, clean and productive world, each with a bold 2020 target. The report is clearly structured around these five areas, making it easy to see how the strategy works in practice and what progress is being made. Its mix of short, sharp nuggets of information, in-depth feature stories and local perspectives varies the pace to keep the reader engaged.

On the surface, the theme of AB InBev’s report, Growing Together for a Better World, aligns well with Prosper. But its emphasis on activities like volunteering and cause-related marketing – commonly...

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