Analysis: Edelman Trust Barometer - Who has a licence to lead?

Posted by Oliver Balch [1] on Mar 5, 2012

People’s faith in business to do the right thing is recovering – but it remains fragile

Edelman’s annual trust figures are out, and they don’t look good. Let’s be honest, though, it was never going to be pretty. Recession, inflation, stagflation, unemployment, currency debacles: 2011 was a real stinker.

Interestingly, the blame game seems to have moved on. Two years ago, all fingers pointed at the business community. It was their greed that got us into such a mess. Now, it’s government in the dock. Public trust in politicians dropped by a record nine points to 43% globally. As for government officials, they are now officially the least credible spokespeople on the planet.

All the same, the private sector is hardly wallowing in credibility. Just over half (53%) of people trust business, a marginal fall on last year (56%). Chief executives came out especially badly, with a 12-point decline to 38%, the largest in nine years.

So what’s going on? Dig through the data and at least three...

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