The myth of the ethical consumer - a podcast with Timothy Devinney Toby Webb interviews the author of a new book on the complexities of selling ethical products to the mass market Sep 22, 2010
Chinese companies and CSR in 2010: Podcast with Sam Lee Sam Lee, CEO of InnoCSR, speaks with Toby Webb on how Chinese companies view the CSR agenda today Sep 22, 2010
Ghana podcast 3: Kuapa Kokoo, fair trade and Ghana's cocoa farmers Emmanuel Arthur, the executive director of Kuapa Kokoo Farmers Union (KKFU), tells the story of how Ghana's largest farmer co-operative came about, fair trade in cocoa farming, and what the future holds for expansion Sep 20, 2010
Interface: The case for environmental product declarations Ramon Arratia, sustainability director EMEA for IntefaceFLOR, discusses why his company has created a campaign to promote the idea of complete environmental product declations for products in the B2B sector Sep 16, 2010
China podcast: Newsweek's Duncan Hewitt on labour unrest and manufacturing Ethical Corporation’s China Editor Paul French talks with Newsweek’s Shanghai correspondent Duncan Hewitt about the big issues in Chinese factories, manufacturing and labour relations Sep 14, 2010
CSR and philantrophy in China - A podcast with the 'Charitarian' Paul French talks to the co-founder and editor of The Charitarian Magazine, Clare Pearson, a lawyer specialising in CR and based in Beijing Sep 13, 2010
Ghana podcast 6: Kraft UK boss Nick Bunker on sustainability Kraft UK and Ireland president Nick Bunker discusses the company's strategy on corporate responsibility and sustainability on a recent tour of cocoa farms in Ghana Sep 6, 2010
Ghana podcast 5: What can fair trade do for Ghana, and West Africa? Harriet Lamb, executive director of the UK's Fairtrade Foundation, talks to Toby Webb about her views on the achievements of fair trade in Ghana, and the potential for it elsewhere in the region Sep 5, 2010
Ghana podcast 4: Cadbury/Kraft's David Croft on sustainability in cocoa Ethical Corporation's Toby Webb speaks with David Croft, head of sustainable agriculture for Kraft UK, about the company's fair trade and cocoa partnership programmes in Ghana Sep 5, 2010
Ghana podcast 2: World Vision's Daniel Sante on corporate/NGO partnerships Daniel Sante, regional co-ordinator for World Vision, in a cocoa producing region in Ghana, discusses his views on how progress is being made to improve conditions on cocoa farms in the country Sep 2, 2010