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Coca-Cola Enterprises President Hubert Patricot on strategy, integration and innovation Toby Webb asks about sustainability progress, leadership, innovation and employee engagement at Coca-Cola Enterprises Oct 3, 2013
The next steps for business and human rights: an exclusive podcast with John Ruggie Ethical Corporation’s Jeni Bauser Yaghoubi speaks to Prof John Ruggie at the recent UN Global Compact Leaders Summit. Oct 3, 2013
Management spotlight podcast: Sven Mollekleiv, DNV Group Beyond the Millennium Development Goals: Business as usual not an option Jun 24, 2013
Business trends and opportunities 2013: An exclusive podcast with Daniel Franklin, The Economist Executive Editor of the Economist, Daniel Franklin, speaks with Toby Webb about business events 2012 and the ethical risks and opportunities ahead in 2013. Jan 8, 2013
Business and human rights in Burma Annette Stube, director of group sustainability at Maersk, the Danish transport and energy conglomerate, talks to Ethical Corporation’s Jeni Bauser Yaghoubi about Maersk’s business and human rights action plan, and how the company is slowly developing operations in Burma. Nov 15, 2012
How to empower women entrepreneurs Charlotte Oades, the Coca-Cola Company’s global director, women’s economic empowerment, talks to Ethical Corporation’s Jeni Bauser Yaghoubi about Coke’s 5by20 initiative, which seeks to empower five million women entrepreneurs by 2020. Nov 15, 2012
The private sector and the green economy Pavan Sukhdev, UNEP goodwill ambassador and founder of GIST Advisory, talks to Ethical Corporation's Nadine Hawa about the changes in business practices companies need to undertake to develop a greener economy. Sep 19, 2012
The importance of trust and how to build it Robert Phillips, President and CEO EMEA of Edelman, Charlotte Grezo, Group Director Corporate Responsibility Strategy at Centrica and Fiona Wilkinson,Senior Vice-President - Corporate Communications at Visa Europe discuss the ever-increasing importance of trust Sep 11, 2012
Sustainability leaders: An interview with Kingfisher and Desso's Chief Executive Officers Toby Webb speaks with Stef Kranendijk, CEO of Desso Group, and Ian Cheshire, Group CEO of Kingfisher, about leadership, collaboration and how they are embedding sustainability to create long-term value and success. Sep 3, 2012
Burma, business and human rights John Morrison, head of the Institute for Human Rights and Business, speaks with Toby Webb about two recent trips to Burma, companies investing there and the work IHRB is doing to aid companies in tackling challenges in the country Jul 17, 2012