Podcast: Interview with Marco Gonçalves, Head of Procurement at Nestlé Head of Procurement at Nestlé Marco Gonçalves spoke with Ethical Corporation editor Zara Maung at the recent RBS conference. Hear Marco talk of Nestle's responsible sourcing programme and how they maintain high standards in the supply chain Sep 19, 2014
Podcast: Interview with David Picton, CSO of Carillion At the recent Responsible Business Summit in London, Ethical Corporation's editor Zara Maung had the chance to sit down with CSO of Carillion David Picton to discuss the sustainable strategies employed by the multinational facilities management and construction services company Sep 12, 2014
Podcast: Mark Haverlach of Interface talks to Toby Webb all about providing perfect customer service The man responsible for Interface's customer service strategies across Europe talks about how their attitude towards their customers informs their more general target of "closing the loop" on modular flooring May 29, 2014
Podcast: Innovation at Interface – Nigel Stansfield explains the ideas that have helped Interface make significant steps VP and Chief Innovation Officer for Interface Nigel Stansfield talks to Toby Webb about coordinating and aligning innovation programs across their divisions. May 22, 2014
Podcast: Ramon Arratia discusses the strategy and processes behind Interface's sustainability initiatives Ramon Arratia, European Sustainability Director for Interface, expounds upon his job, and the jobs of his colleagues, in pursuit of their now infamous Mission Zero target. He talks numbers, ideas, challenges and targets with Toby Webb. May 22, 2014
Podcast: Rob Boogaard, acting President & CEO of Interface, introduces the company's sustainability initiatives and strategies Interface are renowned as pioneers of sustainability and in this podcast, Rob Boogaard explicates the various different initiatives the company are taking, as well as the changes they are undergoing, the targets they hold and the strategies they have implemented. May 13, 2014
Podcast: Acting CEO & President of Interface Rob Boogaard discusses engaging policy makers with Toby Webb In this podcast, Rob Boogaard divulges just how Interface are working to boost sustainable innovation and production quality throughout not only the company, but the industry as a whole, and explains why this is a beneficial course of action May 13, 2014
Podcast: Toby Webb speaks to Mark Haverlach of Interface regarding sustainable logistics and transportation The Customer Service and Re-entry Director for Interface Europe, Mark Haverlach, talks through the Interface approach to reducing their environmental footprint and how they embedded sustainability into their logistics and distribution strategies. May 13, 2014
Coca-Cola Enterprises President Hubert Patricot on strategy, integration and innovation Toby Webb asks about sustainability progress, leadership, innovation and employee engagement at Coca-Cola Enterprises Oct 3, 2013
The next steps for business and human rights: an exclusive podcast with John Ruggie Ethical Corporation’s Jeni Bauser Yaghoubi speaks to Prof John Ruggie at the recent UN Global Compact Leaders Summit. Oct 3, 2013