Closure planning should not be a project at the end of the life of an operation but part of the site’s broader business case and day to day operational management and planning.

The following is an extract taken from our 'Licence to Legacy in the Extractives Sector' research report. Click here for more information on the report.

Ultimately, it should always be kept in mind that the success of closure will not be measured by the successful implementation of the final closure plan, but by the legacy left behind” (Botha et al., 2014: 13).

As iterated above, social legacy planning is fundamentally about gaining an understanding of a company’s contribution to multilateral efforts towards sustainable evelopment within a particular community and region. As highlighted earlier in this  report, this includes the early investment in building transparent and ongoing relationships with impacted communities, the management of both adverse and positive impacts and strategic sustainable social investment.

3.1. The business case for social legacy planning and sustainable development 

“The business case for this began with a recognition at the highest levels of the mining Industry that the sector is facing very serious problems and needs to make a substantial cultural shift if it is to prosper in future. At the heart of the matter is the ability of the industry to gain permission for access to land containing new reserves” (ICMM, 2006).

3.1.1. Reducing financial liabilities

One of the most valuable benefits of social legacy planning is that it limits the range of conflict...

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