How ClearlySo, the Social Stock Exchange, the SyndicateRoom and the Low Carbon Innovation Fund are innovating to make an impact

London-based impact investment bank ClearlySo has developed ATLAS, an online impact compass based on the SDGs that allows private equity firms and venture capitalists to map the environmental and social impacts of their investments and make better-informed decisions. It also provides insight into improving long-term returns.

ATLAS’s methodology uses a series of questions to assess whether or not a company is aligning with the SDGs and sustainability macro-trends. ATLAS aims to give investors a holistic view of a company, looking at what it actually does rather than just how it operates.

“We use the SDGs because they’re the closest thing the world has to a strategy,” explains Lindsay Smart, ClearlySo’s head of impact research and innovation. “They’re supported by governments and they’re gaining traction with businesses and investors, so they represent massive commercial opportunities as well as potential for positive impact.”

Among ClearlySo’s portfolio is Oomph Wellness (pictured above), which improves the lives of elderly people through group-based exercise classes. Smart says this form of investment is not about altruism: “There is a positive correlation between , and one which is only likely to increase as sustainable macro trends play out.”

There is a positive correlation between social impact...

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