The oil major is being investigated by 12 US states for fraud after decades of funding denial groups

While ExxonMobil Corp says publicly that its views on climate science are in line with that of the United Nations, it has a long history of financially supporting anti-climate change legislation and action. That may finally be hurting the company as it faces US investigations claiming it may have defrauded the public by hiding its knowledge over time.

Late last month the Competitive Enterprise Institute (CEI), a rightwing think tank that has received Exxon funding, said the investigations against the oil major are unconstitutional and a “fishing expedition”, designed to shut down debate on global warming.

At its annual general meeting in May CEO Rex Tillerson told shareholders that ExxonMobil agrees with the scientific consensus of the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change and backs the conclusions that humans contribute to the changing climate and weather. Yet several shareholder resolutions asking Exxon to stress-test its business strategy against a world where global temperature rises are limited to 2°C were defeated. And the company’s financial contributions to numerous entities that either deny climate change or work to block climate legislation have continued unfettered for decades.

This duplicity was dramatically exposed last year when Inside Climate News published a series showing the company’s...

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