Companies return to the long-neglected social side of corporate sustainability

EC Newsdesk, (Aug 19, 2010)

67% of corporate sustainability professionals who responded to an Ethical Corporation survey said their company “measures social and/or economic impact of their business on the communities where they operate”.

Green growth: Sustainability redux

Paul Hohnen, (Aug 11, 2010)

Paul Hohnen welcomes the morphing of the sustainable development agenda into a green growth agenda and considers what needs to happen next

Dalian explosion and oil spill: China's growth trap

EC Newsdesk, (Aug 2, 2010)

Last month's serious pollution incident is just the lastest in the Middle Kingdom in 2010, as the environmental accident rate goes through the roof, writes Sam Chambers in Dalian

BP and the Gulf of Mexico: In defence of Tony Hayward

Mallen Baker, (Jul 12, 2010)

Tony Hayward, CEO of BP, has made mistakes, but has been unfairly vilified by a scapegoat-hungry media and commentators, argues Mallen Baker

Full product transparency: Crystal clear impact assessment

Eric Marx, (Jul 6, 2010)

As some sectors develop environmental declarations, what are the prospects for full product transparency?

Procter and Gamble: When improved design can soil reputation

Jon Entine, (Jul 6, 2010)

A more eco-friendly range of nappies from Procter & Gamble has created a bit of a stink

Analysis: mobile phones - Judgment call on handset risks

Ben Cooper, (Jul 5, 2010)

Mobile phones still don’t have an unequivocal clean bill of health, so the industry continues to face difficult ethical decisions

Sustainability news roundup - July/August 2010

EC Newsdesk, (Jul 5, 2010)

Moves from Wal-Mart, Marks & Spencer, Colruyt and all the latest from other brands in corporate responsibility and sustainability this month

Brazil Briefing Part 3: NGOs and civil society - Growing pains

EC Newsdesk, (Jul 5, 2010)

Brazil’s recent economic growth has been impressive but companies need to work with civil society to develop a concrete responsible business agenda that will last By Dom Phillips in São Paulo

CRWatch, a round up of recent business sustainability news - July/August 2010

Jeni Bauser Yaghoubi, (Jul 5, 2010)

Wal-Mart helps the hungry, America’s hang up on drying jeans and greener beans from M&S

Analysis: Haiti - Better work

Oliver Balch, (Jul 5, 2010)

The extension of ILO’s Better Work programme to Haiti is welcome

BP and the Gulf of Mexico oil spill: How to create corporate accountability

EC Newsdesk, (Jun 11, 2010)

Investors and governments should press BP to earmark $25 billion for an oil spill restoration fund, argue Mark Tulay and Stephen Viederman

European solar power: Time to stem the subsidies?

EC Newsdesk, (Jun 7, 2010)

Europe’s feed-in tariffs have come under scrutiny recently as both Germany and Spain have been forced to reassess their pricing models. Is it time to reel in the subsidies?

Analysis: UK election - Can coalition deliver responsible business?

Peter Davis Politics Editor, (Jun 3, 2010)

The new UK government says the environment and better business regulation are top priorities

Wal-Mart: Giant of retailing shakes up supply chain

Rajesh Chhabara, (Jun 3, 2010)

Wal-Mart’s ambitious supply chain sustainability initiatives have the potential to overhaul the way goods are sourced and sold

Analysis: Gulf of Mexico oil spill - Offshore drilling’s uncertain future

EC Newsdesk, (Jun 3, 2010)

How BP copes with the current crisis will affect the future of offshore oil exploration, explains Bob Moser

CRWatch, a round up of recent business sustainability news - June 2010

Jeni Bauser Yaghoubi, (Jun 2, 2010)

A sanitary solution in the bag, Target's sustainable seafood, and why McDonald's still goes for battery eggs.

Sustainability news roundup - June 2010

EC Newsdesk, (Jun 1, 2010)

Moves from the Green Scorpions,Samsung and all the latest from other brands in corporate responsibility and sustainability this month

The consumption paradox - Is guilt good for the Earth?

Jon Entine, (May 28, 2010)

Jon Entine says we have to accept consumerism is here to stay, but we can do it better

How India is trying to engage in CSR, banks regaining our trust, the coalition government delivering responsible business and the Responsible Business Awards 2010

EC Newsdesk, (May 21, 2010)

These are just some of the things that subscribers to the Ethical Corporation magazine will be reading about in the June edition.