PepsiCo and Nature conservancy form strong alliance, plant-based wetsuits, Twitter's transparency drive and the campaign to improve childhood development

PepsiCo and Nature Conservancy promote recycling

Drinks giant PepsiCo and the Nature Conservancy have formed a five-year partnership called Recycle For Nature to encourage consumers to recycle and to boost water conservation in the US.

The Recycle for Nature initiative is looking to boost the nation’s recycling habit by adding recycling locations around the US, starting with fuel stations and convenience stores, and by directly linking the amount recycled to funding for five major drinking water conservation projects in the US.

For every quarter-percentage-point increase in the national recycling rate, PepsiCo will contribute $31,250 in funding for water protection, up to $250,000 a year. The company will also provide up to $50,000 in additional funding based on its recycling points donation programme. The goal is restore one billion gallons of water in rivers that supply drinking water to 35 million people across nine states.

“The Nature Conservancy is providing innovative solutions to protect our drinking water, and PepsiCo has the ability to engage the public in an activity that can be scaled and applied to communities across the nation,” says Giulio Boccaletti, managing director for global water at the Nature Conservancy. “Together, our efforts are far more significant than what we could have...

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