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The Necessary Transition: the journey towards the sustainable enterprise economy 

By Malcolm McIntosh (ed)

Paperback: 256 pages, £22.95

ISBN: 978-1906093891

Publisher: Greenleaf Publishing

Published: July 2013

The term “journey” is something of a cliché in sustainability circles, yet in the case of this helpful volume of essays it’s well used. Whether it’s the shift from high- to low-carbon economies or from unaccountability to transparency, the world is undergoing major intellectual and practical transitions. This books maps out these trends clearly and succinctly.

CSR as a Management Idea: ethics in action 

By Mats Jutterstrom and Peter Norberg (eds)

Hardback: 208 pages, £70

ISBN: 978-1782544715

Publisher: Edward Elgar

Published: July 2013

Written from the vantage point of organisation theory, this textbook assesses how corporate responsibility is implemented and used by management in daily operations. A valuable contribution to the academic literature.

Environmental Ethics and Sustainability: a casebook for environmental professionals 

By Hal Taback and Ram Ramanan

Hardback: 268 pages, £63.99

ISBN: 978-1466584204

Publisher: CRC Press

Published: August 2013

This practitioner-focused book introduces a novel decision-making model based around ideal outcomes rather than practical realities. An ambitious book, it combines human instincts and attitudes, alongside public policy and corporate culture. Strong case study content.

Sustainability and Human Resource Management: developing sustainable business organizations

By Ina Ehnert et al (eds)

Hardcover: 350 pages, £117

ISBN-13: 978-3642375231

Publisher: Springer

Published: June 2013

Human resources and sustainability are increasingly interacting around the recruitment and retention agenda. As well as covering this key facet, the book also sets out how HR professional can influence sustainability performance by facilitating cooperation between top management and key stakeholders.

Social Enterprise: accountability and evaluation around the world 

By Simon Denny and Frederick Seddon

Paperback: 264 pages, £30.99

ISBN-13: 978-0415626101

Publisher: Routledge

Published: July 2013

A helpful introductory guide to the emerging field of social enterprise, this book clarifies the concept while also suggesting methods of measurement and evaluation. A useful and important summary.

The Oxford Handbook of Business and the Natural Environment

By Pratima Bansal and Andrew Hoffman (eds)

Paperback: 720 pages, £30

ISBN-13: 978-0199677436

Publisher: OUP Oxford

Published: July 2013

This weighty compendium covers all aspects of the environment as they pertain to business. From organisational theory and business strategy through to environmental accounting and operational approaches, little of relevance escapes this comprehensive handbook. A vital reference.

The Great African Land Grab? Agricultural investments and the global food system

By Lorenzo Cotula

Paperback: 256 pages, £12.99

ISBN-13: 978-1780324203

Publisher: Zed Books

Published: July 2013

Land use is fast becoming one of the big issues of this century. As the population expands and demand for natural resources increases, competition for space will inevitably increase. This hard-hitting book describes how this struggle is currently unfolding in Africa, a key battleground for future food security.

The Social Employee: how great companies make social media work

By Cheryl Burgess and Mark Burgess

Paperback: 224 pages, £14.99

ISBN-13: 978-0071816410

Publisher: McGraw-Hill Professional

Published: September 2013

Employee-led social media can be a key resource to create a strong social brand as well as a powerful corporate culture. This book seeks to show how to use such media to the full. With compelling case studies from big brands such as IBM, AT&T and Dell. 

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