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Capitalism’s Last Stand? Deglobalization in the age of austerity

By Walden Bello

Paperback: 288 pages, £12.99

ISBN: 9781780320458 

Publisher: Zed Books

Published: June 2013

Described by Naomi Klein as a “non-nonsense revolutionary”, Walden Bello charts the crises within contemporary capitalism – from the Wall Street meltdown to the collapse of the Green economy – and issues a powerful call for a radical process of deglobalisation. A searing, yet smart critique. 

The Trust Future: how to use business ethics to create your commercial advantage

By Omer Soker

eBook: 275 pages, $9.99


Publisher: The Ethics of Success Corporation

Published: March 2013

Trust is the currency of success in the new era of business, this book argues. Omer Stoker spells out how to restore confidence between employees, customers, investors and suppliers – and how to unlock passion, productivity and profit in the process.


Creating Good Work: the world’s leading social entrepreneurs show how to build a healthy economy 

By Ron Shultz (ed)

Hardcover: 238 pages, £22.99

ISBN: 978-0230372030

Publisher: Palgrave Macmillan

Published: March 2013

This book aims to provide a practical resource for social entrepreneurs looking for new and innovative ways to change the world around them. Packed with lessons and insights from successful social entrepreneurial programmes, such as Skoll Foundation, 7th Generation and YouthBuild.


Introducing Just Sustainabilities: policy, planning, and practice

By Julian Agyeman

Paperback: 216 pages, £18.99

ISBN: 9781780324098 

Publisher: Zed Books

Published: May 2013

A smart combination of sustainability concepts with those of environmental justice, this book lays out the exciting idea of just sustainability – what it means, how it works and how it can shape policy, planning and practice to develop a more inclusive, fairer society.


Resisting Corporate Corruption: cases in practical ethics from Enron through the financial crisis

By Stephen V Arbogast

Hardcover: 552 pages, £50.50

ISBN: 978 1118208557

Publisher: Wiley

Published: March 2013

As the title suggests, Stephen Arbogast takes a sweeping look at contemporary business ethics issues, practices and controls. Now in its second edition, the book features lessons and insights from 25 (mostly financial) case studies, including the likes of Goldman Sachs, Fannie Mae and Citigroup.


The Oxford Handbook of Corporate Governance

By Mike Wright et al (eds)

Paperback: 832 pages, £95

ISBN: 978-0199642007

Publisher: Oxford University Press

Published: March 2013

A veritable colossus, this compendium of information leaves little uncovered in the corporate governance field. Up-to-date and authoritative, it considers the subject from multiple perspectives – from that of the individual manager through to firms, industries and even nation states. Governance’s one-stop-shop.


Nature’s Wealth: the economics of ecosystem services and poverty

By J H Pieter van Beukering et al (eds)

Paperback: 439 pages, £35.00

ISBN: 978-1107698048

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

Published: March 2013

Presenting new insights into the relationship between ecosystem services and livelihoods in developing countries, this book takes up the challenge of assessing these links to demonstrate their importance in policy development. Based on 18 studies in more than 20 developing countries. A valuable contribution to an emerging field.


Big Bang Being: developing the sustainability mindset 

By Isabel Rimanoczy

Paperback: 226 pages, £16.95  

ISBN 978-1906093877   

Publisher: Greenleaf Publishing

Published: March 2013 

Structured around interviews with 16 business leaders, Big Bang Being argues that personal compassion need not run contrary to a successful career in business. The interviewees’ insights provide lessons for others on developing a “sustainability mindset”. An upbeat, engaging read.


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