Ethical Corporation’s guide to the latest and best sustainable business reading

Corporate Sustainability: CSR, sustainability, ethics & governance 

By Paolo Taticchi, Paolo Carbone and Vito Albino (eds)

Hardback: 284 pages, £117

ISBN: 3642370179

Publisher: Springer

Published: June 2013

Solid and comprehensive, this research-focused textbook provides an excellent overview of the contemporary field of corporate sustainability. Sections on reporting, ecoproducts and green buildings, among others.

The Burning Question

By Mike Berners-Lee, Duncan Clark and Bill McKibben

Paperback: 256 pages, £9.99

ISBN: 1781250456

Publisher: Profile Books

Published: April 2013

Written with a journalist flair and political verve, this challenging book seeks to find a way to weed the world off fossil fuels. The book leaves Big Oil bashing behind and asks how political, psychological, economic and technological factors might combine together for a post-oil future.

The Future Makers: a journey to people who are changing the world – and what we can learn from them 

By Joanna Hafenmayer Stefanska and Wolfgang Hafenmayer

Paperback: 248 pages, £16.95  

ISBN: 1906093853   

Publisher: Greenleaf Publishing

Published: April 2013  

If you’re a sustainability practitioner that could do with some inspiration, then this could be the book for you. Based around nearly two-dozen real life examples, it introduces sustainability leaders who are using business to make a tangible difference to the world.

How to Engage Youth to Drive Corporate Sustainability: roles and interventions 

By Nicolò Wojewoda

eBook: £30.90 


Publisher: Dō Sustainability

Published: May 2013

Corporate sustainability is generally of interest to those already in corporations. This timely book argues that young people need to be engaged on the subject long before they reach the workplace. Packed with examples on how to interest and involve the youth of today.

Principles and Strategies to Balance Ethical, Social and Environmental Concerns with Corporate Requirements

By Maria-Alejandra Gonzalez-Perez and Liam Leonard (eds)

Hardback: 249 pages, £67.95

ISBN: 1781906279

Publisher: Emerald Group Publishing

Published: May 2013  

The second in a series on “ecopolitics” from Emerald Group, this practitioner-focused compilation draws on research contributions from 21 different countries. A comprehensive overview of current debate and practice.

Creating a Lean and Green Business System: techniques for improving profits and sustainability 

By Keivan Zokaei et al

Paperback: 253 pages, £19.99

ISBN: 1466571128 

Publisher: Productivity Press

Published: June 2013 

From automotive and retail to textile and brewing, this book lays out how leading corporations are using a “lean and green” formula to enhance their performance. The description of Monozukuri, Toyota’s sustainable manufacturing approach, makes particularly inspiring reading.

Corporate Social Responsibility: challenges and practices

By Peter Dobers (ed)

Paperback: 360 pages, £23

ISBN: 9173350125

Publisher: Santerus Academic Press Sweden

Published: May 2013

Corporate responsibility, done well, presents a challenge for leadership as it goes beyond the traditional boundaries of organisations, cities or countries. This book maps the issues, but also hints at viable ways forward too.

Greenergized: a business fable on clean energy 

By Dennis Posadas

Paperback: 93 pages, £14.95  

ISBN: 1906093884   

Published: Greenleaf Publishing

Publication: April 2013  

A rare venture into fiction, this sustainability book seeks to use the narrative form to spell out the case for renewable energy versus fossil fuels. An alternative, yet powerful, take on a subject that still fails to win the public traction it deserves.

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