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Youtility: why smart companies get ahead by helping, not selling

By Jay Baer

Hardback: 240 pages, £15.99

ISBN: 1591846668

Publisher: Portfolio

Published: June 2013 

Marketing used to be about winning customers to your brand. Now, it’s fast becoming about what your brand can do to help your customers. Based around 20 illustrative examples, “Youtility” presents a novel way of winning people’s hearts and minds, as well as gaining profits.

Developing a Sustainable Supply Chain: management issues, insights, concepts, and tools

By Robert Sroufe and Steven Melnyk

Paperback: 250 pages, £24.99

ISBN: 160649371X

Publisher: Business Expert Press

Published: August 2013

Companies are beginning to realise that their supply chains are only ever as strong as their weakest link. This book sets out an integrated, business-oriented approach to deliver sustainability beyond your factory gates and into the practices of your supply chain.

Technologies for Sustainable Development: a way to reduce poverty? 

By Jean-Claude Bolay, Silvia Hostettler and Eileen Hazboun (eds)

Hardcover: 287 pages, £126

ISBN-10: 331900638X

Publisher: Springer

Published: July 2013

Important as abstract research can be, the developing world urgently needs relevant science-based insights and solutions. This academic compilation comprises 20 cutting edge examples of applied research that promise to enhance the effectiveness of development interventions.

Corporate Social Responsibility in the Global Business World

By Asli Yuksel Mermod and Samuel Idowu (eds)

Hardcover: 382 pages, £90

ISBN: 3642376193

Publisher: Springer

Published: July 2013

Structured around real life case studies, this comprehensive overview of global CSR practices identifies those multinationals that are getting it right – as well as providing lessons from those that aren’t.

The Handbook of Design for Sustainability

By Stuart Walker, Jacques Giard and Helen Walker

Hardcover: 576 pages, £95

ISBN: 0857858521

Publisher: Bloomsbury Academic

Published: July 2013

Design used to be about aesthetics, utility, “coolness” and that was about it. Now sustainability is central to the designer’s day job too. This textbook provides a state-of-the-art overview of today’s sustainable design methods and practices. Essential reading for all those in the design field.

Fracking: the operations and environmental consequences of hydraulic fracturing

By Michael Holloway and Oliver Rudd

Hardcover: 392 pages, £117

ISBN: 1118496329

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

Published: June 2013

Few areas of industry are currently more controversial than hydraulic fracturing, or fracking. This balanced book summarises the basics of the technology and its impacts on the environment. A highly readable and timely contribution on the subject.

Green Politics in China: environmental governance and state-society relations

By Joy Zhang and Michael Barr

Paperback: 168 pages, £18.99

ISBN: 0745332994

Publisher: Pluto Press

Published: June 2013

Drawing on first-hand research with members of grassroots organisations, media and government institutions, this insightful book details the various ways that the Chinese are responding to the country’s environmental dilemmas. Packed with interesting and unexpected initiatives.

Fostering Spirituality in the Workplace: a leader’s guide to sustainability

By Priscilla Berry

Paperback: 236 pages, £24.99

ISBN: 1606496522

Publisher: Business Expert Press

Published: June 2013

The business world is slowly overcoming its inherent distrust of all things immaterial. Books on spirituality and business are among the chief beneficiaries of that switch. Of the many titles now in this genre, this is one of the more reflective and grounded.

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