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Do-It-Yourself Democracy: The Rise of the Public Engagement Industry
By Caroline W. Lee

Paperback: 304 pages, £19.24

Publisher: Oxford University Press USA

Published: January 2015

ISBN-10: 0199987262

In this fresh look at participatory democracy, sociologist Caroline Lee examines how public engagement innovations have reshaped American civic life in the last 20 years. New technologies and deliberative practices have democratised the ways in which organisations operate, but Lee argues that they have also been marketed and sold as tools to facilitate cost-cutting, profitability, and other management goals, often at the expense of citizen empowerment.

Green Innovation in China: China's Wind Power Industry and the Global Transition to a Low-Carbon Economy
By Joanna I Lewis

Paperback: 304 pages, £17.50

Publisher: Columbia University Press

Published: January 2015

ISBN-10: 0231153317

As the biggest coal producer and consumer in the world, China seems an unlikely haven for wind power. Yet the country now boasts a world-class industry that promises to make low-carbon technology more affordable and available to all. This book explores China's remarkable transition and the possibility of replicating its model elsewhere.

The Patient Will See You Now
By Eric Topol

Hardcover: 384 pages, £18.91

Publisher: Basic Books

Published: January 2015

ISBN-10: 0465054749

Is medicine experiencing its "Gutenberg...

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