Communications & Reporting

Greenwasher – April 2009

"Greenwasher", (Apr 20, 2009)

Barclays loses its grip while’s error is laid bare

Ricoh Europe – A green model to copy

John Russell, Managing Editor (former), (Apr 15, 2009)

Ricoh Europe is finding that putting customers first, and investing in the quality of management, can have green business benefits

Kellogg’s Corporate Responsibility Report 2008 – Missing snap, crackle and pop

EC Newsdesk, (Apr 14, 2009)

Kellogg’s first attempt at reporting leaves readers undernourished, says Jamie Rusby

BT’s passage to India

Rajesh Chhabara, (Apr 6, 2009)

BT is a corporate responsibility leader in the UK, but it’s a different story in its growth markets in Asia

GlaxoSmithKline – A shake-up for Big Pharma

EC Newsdesk, (Apr 2, 2009)

GlaxoSmithKline’s leap forward will help those that need it most

Emerging markets – Bridging the gap

EC Newsdesk, (Apr 2, 2009)

BT offshores corporate ethics

Reporting in recession – Why bother reporting?

Kathee Rebernak, (Apr 2, 2009)

Sustainability reporting makes even more sense in a hostile economic environment, says Kathee Rebernak

20 years on from Exxon Valdez: what progress for corporate responsibility?

Adrien Lopez, (Mar 27, 2009)

The Exxon Valdez tragedy of 24 March, 1989, marked the first birth-pangs of corporate responsibility.

UK shapes up tough on corruption with draft bribery bill

John Russell, Managing Editor (former), (Mar 26, 2009)

The UK could soon have a new bribery law – and about time too. The UK government’s draft bribery bill, published on 25 March, promises to clear up the current mess in the country's anti-corruption efforts.

Non-financial reporting – Learning from Denmark

Ben Cooper, (Mar 10, 2009)

Companies and investment analysts are divided on the benefits of integrating non-financial information into annual reports

Aviation: Concerned consumers – Take a break

Giles Gibbons, (Mar 10, 2009)

Fewer holidays abroad may be good news for the planet, but might be bad news for us, says Giles Gibbons

AkzoNobel – A thick coat of green

Tony Danby, (Mar 10, 2009)

Dutch chemicals giant AkzoNobel is developing a host of ecological products, and says it’s more than just image

Report: SABMiller is a little too lite

Zoë Cokeliss 2, (Mar 10, 2009)

Beer company SABMiller’s latest sustainability report is refreshingly brief, but lacks focus

Report: Cadbury caters for experts and consumers

Aleksandra Dobkowski-Joy, (Mar 10, 2009)

Cadbury’s two-tiered approach to sustainability reporting works well to entice readers

Coal and climate change – Can king coal clean up?

Jon Entine, (Mar 6, 2009)

Under pressure from environmentalists, the coal industry and its supporters are claiming that their fuel can be clean. But do their claims stack up?

What role did lobbyists play in the financial meltdown?

"Greenwasher", (Mar 4, 2009)

A new report from Wall Street Watch blames industry lobbying for the global economic crisis.

Greenwasher – March 2009

"Greenwasher", (Mar 3, 2009)

Lists for lists sake, Sweden accepts nuclear inevitability and the now regular update on Shell

Marks & Spencer – A-grade progress

Eric Marx, (Mar 2, 2009)

Although its ambitious goals are some way off, Marks & Spencer is embedding sustainability across its business. And it isn’t costing the company a penny

Greenwasher – February 2009

"Greenwasher", (Feb 18, 2009)

Shell and Exxon slip up, Vodafone gets dirty and the Daily Mail shows it’s still in the dark ages

BSR and Peter Knight

Ian Welsh - Editor, (Feb 13, 2009)

Business for Social Responsibility’s Amon Rappaport responds to Peter Knight’s comments about sponsoring BSR’s 2008 conference