Communications & Reporting

SDG Keynote: Changing the reporting landscape

Conference Recording, (Nov 8, 2017)

Putting a value on your non-financial data

Conference Recording, (Nov 8, 2017)

Human Rights Reporting: Going beyond compliance

Conference Recording, (Nov 8, 2017)

Accurate, assured data

Conference Recording, (Nov 7, 2017)

Communicating your message to different key groups

Conference Recording, (Nov 7, 2017)

‘The spirit of Anita Roddick is strong with us’: why Natura bought The Body Shop

Terry Slavin, (Oct 26, 2017)

The founders of the Brazilian cosmetics giant tell Ethical Corporation’s editor Terry Slavin how they could not turn down the opportunity to turn Natura into a global force for positive change

Report review: Cargill making solid progress on ambitious climate goals

Claire Manuel, (Oct 20, 2017)

The global food giant is working with a range of partners to increase its use of renewables, decrease emissions and tackle deforestation, according to its latest integrated annual report

CSR Cheat Sheet: Climate optimism rises

Oliver Balch, (Sep 26, 2017)

A raft of firms set science-based targets to cut emissions, CEOs see business benefits of CSR, supply chains pose reputational risk, food companies failing to tackle water issues and ethnically diverse firms outperform