Communications & Reporting

OECD guidelines: Big company rules revised

Paul Hohnen, (Jan 7, 2011)

OECD’s government-developed Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises are being updated. Speaking to Ethical Corporation, Paul Hohnen, who has been involved in the process, explains what the changes might mean for business.

Corporate responsibility progress: A challenge to public perceptions

Andy Wales, (Jan 5, 2011)

Big companies really are getting to grips with responsible business, despite what everyone might think, argue Andy Wales, Matt Gorman and Dunstan Hope

Refrigerant gases cool offset integrity

Jane Burston, (Dec 7, 2010)

Jane Burston argues that the inclusion of HFC gases in carbon offset mechanisms can leave them ineffective and open to corruption

A shift to the climate adaptation agenda

Paul Hohnen, (Dec 7, 2010)

There is a new readiness to talk about how to adapt to climate change, underlining the urgency of action. But a shift in focus to local impacts may have global implications, argues Paul Hohnen.

Truvia supported supplement: NGO comment - A promising start

Charles Secrett, (Dec 6, 2010)

Cargill’s Truvia sustainability programme is a welcome development

Conflict minerals: time to dig deeper

Alex Bescoby, (Dec 6, 2010)

The new US laws to purge supply chains of conflict minerals may only scratch the surface of the problem, says Alex Bescoby

Truvia supported supplement: Market history - Sweeteners and the wellness debate

Mallen Baker, (Dec 6, 2010)

For as long as there have been food brands, there have been campaigns about the quality of what’s in them, and our diets in general

Truvia supported supplement: Market trends - An opportunity for Truvia?

Mallen Baker, (Dec 6, 2010)

As an all natural product, Truvia is well placed for further success in the sweetener market

2010: A year dominated by macro trends

Rajesh Chhabara, (Dec 3, 2010)

From Deepwater Horizon to ISO 26000, it’s been a year of big events

UNEP, Nigeria and Shell: A fight with high stakes

Eric Marx, (Dec 3, 2010)

The battle over oil pollution in Nigeria epitomises the United Nations Environment Programme’s ambitions to solve the world’s problems with limited resources. But is it stretched too far?

Lumber regulations: Cutting out illegal timber

Oliver Balch, (Dec 3, 2010)

Rule-tightening over illegal forest products will require companies to tighten up their supply chain monitoring

Business for Social Responsibility: Concentrate on the core

Mallen Baker, (Dec 3, 2010)

BSR has developed an important niche but should maintain a focus on its members

Chile’s mines: Rescue that should never have been needed

Eric Marx, (Dec 3, 2010)

The high-profile rescue has focused attention on Chile’s many small and dangerous mines

Cocoa: Ghana’s glass and a half of sustainability

Oliver Balch, (Dec 3, 2010)

About 30% of Ghana’s gross domestic product derives from cocoa. As production levels plateau, companies are being forced to think hard about the industry’s sustainability

Sustainability news roundup - December 2010

EC Newsdesk, (Dec 3, 2010)

Moves from the European Union, the International energy agency, the Deutsche Bank, and all the latest from other brands in corporate responsibility and sustainability this month

CRWatch, a round up of recent business sustainability news - December 2010

Jeni Bauser Yaghoubi, (Dec 3, 2010)

Rubbish cleaners, better plastic yoghurt pots and greener trucks

Aviva Corporate Responsibility Report 2009: Reporting worth reading

Thomas Branczik, (Dec 3, 2010)

Attention to detail helps ensure good reporting

Swedish Briefing Part 4: Government - Leading by example

Astrid von Schmeling in Stockholm, (Dec 3, 2010)

No one can accuse the Swedish government of lacking ambition

Microsoft 2010 Citizenship Report: The clouds clear

Elaine Cohen, (Dec 3, 2010)

Microsoft is becoming more open about its sustainability performance

Swedish Briefing Part 3: Civil society - A gentler NGO approach

April Streeter, (Dec 3, 2010)

Sweden’s campaigning organisations have notched up notable successes through cooperation rather than confrontation