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All eyes on China as national carbon market plan emerges from haze

Jill Baker, (Sep 1, 2019)

As Beijing ramps up preparations to create the world’s largest carbon market, the burning question is whether it will eventually be part of a global market, reports Jill Baker

‘Companies can no longer ignore deforestation risk. Consumers want bold action, and now'

Morgan Gillespy, (Aug 20, 2019)

With forestry and agriculture responsible for around 23% of net man-made greenhouse gas emissions, there's an urgent need for companies to come clean about their relationship with the land, says Morgan Gillespy of CDP

Press Release: Business leaders, investors and industry experts will meet in Amsterdam in October to discuss the future of Sustainability Reporting

EC Newsdesk, (Aug 15, 2019)

Over 300 CEOs, business leaders, investors, Government representatives and NGOs will share their latest strategies and drive discussions on how companies can fully assess, report their impacts and demonstrate leadership on key social and environmental issues.

‘The IPCC land use report is a wake-up call for Big Food’

Maria Lettini, (Aug 15, 2019)

Maria Lettini of FAIRR argues that scientists, and an increasing number of consumers and investors have recognised the climate imperative for the food sector to transition away from meat and dairy products toward alternative proteins

Lost in translation: why global CSR reporting may not be as global as we think

Gabriela Gutierrez-Heurter O, (Aug 13, 2019)

King’s Business School’s Dr Gabriela Gutierrez-Huerter O studied one multinational company to find out how faithfully sustainability policies set by head office are followed in its operations around the world

Management spotlight: Accountancy Europe’s quest to create one global reporting standard

Liam Dowd, (Aug 13, 2019)

In this Q&A, Ethical Corporation’s managing director Liam Dowd talks with Hilde Blomme, deputy CEO at Accountancy Europe, on engaging the investor community, the role of finance in non-financial data and the biggest opportunity in the next 12-18 months

From Untouchables to plastic waste entrepreneurs

Terry Slavin, (Aug 6, 2019)

Terry Slavin travels to Bangalore to meet the waste pickers who are gaining respect and higher incomes through The Body Shop’s community trade plastic waste programme

ABN AMRO gets to grips with salience in second human rights report

Mike Scott, (Aug 6, 2019)

Mike Scott reports on how the Dutch bank is applying the UN Guiding Principles Reporting Framework to the company's impact on rights holders

'If there is to be a just low-carbon transition companies can't ignore their workers'

Aine Clarke, (Aug 6, 2019)

ShareAction’s Aine Clarke explains how the investor-led Workforce Disclosure Initiative is seeking to protect vulnerable workers and promote SDG8 on decent jobs for all

How AB Sugar is helping smallholder farmers in Africa secure land rights

Mike Scott, (Aug 6, 2019)

Mike Scott reports on how the sugar giant has joined forces with NGOs to give growers in its supply chain access to legal documentation asserting land tenure

How Slavefreetrade is using blockchain to shine a light on the good guys

Mike Scott, (Aug 6, 2019)

Mike Scott interviews Brian Iselin, co-founder of a non-profit platform that is helping companies ensure their supply chains are free of modern slavery

‘The risk of worker exploitation is as high in Leicester as in Turkey or Bangladesh’

Mark Hillsdon, (Aug 6, 2019)

Mark Hillsdon reports on why Leicester-based Next is unable to source garments from factories on its own doorstep

New speakers and new sessions confirmed for #Reporting19

EC Newsdesk, (Jul 15, 2019)

Ethical Corporation announce new additions to the market-leading corporate reporting event

Evidencing impact: Going beyond outputs

Conference Recording, (Jul 5, 2019)