Breakfast cereals giant Kellogg’s offers an appetising serving of sustainability in its latest report, though materiality and a few other ingredients are missing

This Kellogg's report is rather upbeat, following a rethink of Kellogg's sustainability approach and the establishment of new commitments to 2020, a new declaration on the value of breakfast and “Project K”, designed to reduce operational efficiencies and impacts. The report follows a traditional structure of sections – marketplace, workplace, environment and community – with the encouraging addition of an entirely new section on responsible sourcing.

This report is a full-length, 84-page GRI-based report, which Kellogg's publishes every two years, alternating with a shorter summary report in interim years. While this report is well stocked with food for thought, it does not include a materiality analysis, relying on a map of impacts throughout the value chain that was developed some years ago. Kellogg's confirms that it is developing a new materiality assessment as it transitions to G4 reporting.

Kellogg's new 2020 commitments are in the areas of responsible sourcing and conserving resources. Many of the responsible sourcing commitments are qualitative, such as, "continue to help agricultural suppliers, millers and farmers adapt and be resilient to climate change", and "develop programmes to provide resources and education that improve the livelihoods of women farmers/workers, their families and their communities".

These are directionally positive, but...

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