Coca-Cola continues progress in its reporting, but growth plans stick in the throat

At first glance there’s no faulting Coca-Cola on this year’s sustainability report. The company’s goals are laudable; it is working doggedly at meeting these goals; and it has demonstrated the ability to rise to the leadership challenge of acknowledging systemic problems the world faces – especially with water – and offering solutions.

The company has focused its work in three priority areas – women, water, and well-being. Highlights of Coca-Cola’s progress in the past year in these “three W’s” include aiding 550,000 women in entrepreneurial aims through the 5by20 programme; returning nearly 70% of water used in its products to communities and nature; and providing “an ever expanding selection of reduced-, low-, and no-calorie beverages along with front-of-packaging nutritional labeling.”

Goals for 2020 for these areas are also clear – 5 million women helped in 5by20; 100% of water used returned to communities or nature; and physical activity programmes in all 200 of the markets the company serves. Beyond the priority areas, Coca-Cola reports on other progress using a “Me, We, and World,” framework, and this works well as a way for the lay reader to understand how the company’s operations affect us individually, in our communities, and globally. The crunchier...

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