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Companies stay true to sustainability pledges

Companies are increasingly making commitments in response to shareholder proposals and dialogues, but do they meet them? A study by sustainability advocacy non-profit group Ceres finds that they do. Nearly three-quarters of the 101 corporate commitments analysed by Ceres were fully met, with a further 13% nearly met. Only around one tenth were either “only partially” met or not met at all. The commitments mostly cover sustainability reporting (31), greenhouse gas reductions (28) and sustainable agriculture and deforestation (18). As an illustrative example of positive investor engagement, Trillium Asset Management persuaded the US conglomerate 3M to set a quantitative renewable energy goal of sourcing 25% of its electricity needs from renewable sources by 2025. In doing so, 3M will add nearly 800,000 megawatt hours of renewable energy use globally – primarily from wind and solar. During the US 2015 proxy season, 167 resolutions related to or motivated by climate change were filed.


Official: top 1% own majority of world’s wealth

The “1%” has become a talisman for campaign groups and politicians over recent years. Now there’s statistical proof courtesy of Swiss bank Credit Suisse that the top 1% of the global population controls...

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