Bacardi's latest report is comprehensive to the point of being laborious, but it's rewarding for the determined reader

At 174 pages, Bacardi’s 2013 Corporate Responsibility Report, available online and as a downloadable PDF, is incredibly comprehensive – perhaps a little too much so. It is structured around the five pillars of Bacardi’s corporate responsibility programme – “marketplace”, “environment, health and safety”, “responsible sourcing”, “people” and “philanthropy and community investment” – covering the entire value chain from the sourcing of raw materials through to consumption of the company’s products.

With such depth and breadth of information, simple navigation and a clear structure are essential. All the pillars are colour coded and follow the same format: message from a leader within the business (available as a video), strategy for that pillar, targets and progress, and subsections for each material issue. This structure provides clarity for the reader, and click-through navigation makes the website easy to use and understand.

The PDF, however, does not provide the same functionality and it is time-consuming to find specific information. Surprisingly, the report follows G3 while many reporters have already moved from 3.1 to G4.

The videos from members of Bacardi’s leadership, including president and chief executive Edward D Shirley, show a strong top-level commitment to Bacardi’s corporate responsibility programme. Albeit in less than one minute, Shirley...

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