The GRI’s Reporting 2025 project aims to set a course for sustainability reporting over the next decade

The Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) has launched an international discussion with companies, NGOs and experts in other fields to map out the top sustainability issues of the coming decade and help shape the future of sustainability reporting and disclosures.

The Reporting 2025 project will produce analysis papers, articles and videos based on interviews with company executives and thought leaders on subjects ranging from data technology to business development scenarios, identifying the main issues that should be at the centre of company agendas and public reports. The result will be a roadmap for future reporting, to be published in early 2016.

“As the practice of reporting continues to mature, it’s crucial that we make sure our activities are leading to a sustainable global economy,” GRI chief executive Michael Meehan says. “This means that organisations must do more than merely produce a sustainability report. The data collected needs to empower informed decision-making, not just for management but also for other stakeholders.”

The first three interviews released by GRI cover topics including the valuation of externalities, new reporting methods and metrics, and the role of corporations. “The point is to collect insights from others about where things are headed. This is about the GRI convening...

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