A dramatic shift in the nation’s attitudes and opinions towards a corporation’s role in society has meant that companies in the US have had to take much greater notice in the corporate responsibility agenda, finds a new briefing by Ethical Corporation

London 01/10/10

Ethical Corporation, the leading global business intelligence provider, has released details of its 10-page country briefing on CR in the US covered in the October 2010 edition of Ethical Corporation's print magazine.

The briefing, written by Alyson Genovese, a consultant specialising in corporate social responsibility, covers;

• The historical background of CR in practice in the US leading on to an overview of current CR practice
• A detailed analysis of both the domestic and foreign drivers of responsible business in the US with case studies
• The role of NGOs and government inter-relationships in the US with an analysis of who shapes the domestic CR agenda in the US; Government, NGOs or Companies?

In addressing the key areas above the briefing includes case studies of Fedex, Green Mountain Coffee Roasters and Intel plus a corporate responsibility factsheet that contains survey results from over 150 US corporate responsibility respondents.

The briefing highlights how Fedex has improved total fleet fuel consumption in the US by 14% since 2005, saving 176m litres of fuel. This re-enforces a point made within the briefing by Aron Cramer, Chief Executive of Business for Social Responsibility, that states “Companies are moving beyond philanthropy endeavours to look at corporate responsibility as a driver of innovation and competitiveness.”

It’s not just the companies that are realising the benefits of this change in beliefs within society, business schools and universities have created niche subjects to take advantage of this new of area of study as students start to perceive corporate responsibility not just as an optional activity, but as a core value of how business should be done.

The above is just a brief overview of some of the points raised within this detailed 10-page country briefing. The briefing can be purchased here for £195, better yet a full subscription to Ethical Corporation magazine and online resources costs just £495. With a subscription you will gain access to this briefing and a further 9 country briefings plus 10 specialised briefings a year, click here to become a subscriber.

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