Conduct Risk in Financial Services Forum 2015

06/05/2015 - 07/05/2015, London, United Kingdom

Conduct, culture and your customer

How to empower women entrepreneurs

Charlotte Oades, the Coca-Cola Company’s global director, women’s economic empowerment, talks to Ethical Corporation’s Jeni Bauser Yaghoubi about Coke’s 5by20 initiative, which seeks to empower five million women entrepreneurs by 2020.

They were speaking at the recent Business for Social Responsibility conference in New York.

Charlotte Oades

Conduct Risk in Financial Services Forum 2015

06/05/2015 - 07/05/2015, London, United Kingdom

Conduct, culture and your customer

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Economic Empowerment of Women

This is a good strategy for revamping the livelihoods of poor women. I would like to advise national governments to engage with coca-cola company through public private partnership philosopy to evolve talents from young women entrepreneurs and equip them with strategic entrepreneurial skills. This is in particular focusing in Tanzania

Kindly inform me what to do

Kindly inform me what to do to get involved at this programme

How 2 b 5by20 distributor

Ive seen adverts on TV and News Papers. Im intersted 2 join the business. Im a South African,i live in a small town called Vryheid-KZN. It is surounde by lots of rural areas with big number of Population and high rate of unemployment. Through the stories i have read,and CocaCola as the most popular drink,i believe i can make a difference the to the unemployed.

Being Empowered

I would like to know what must I do to get involved @ this PROGRAME I would like to take part in because I'm BUSINESS MINDED and need help.

I would like your company to help me & show me the way I want to start my own business please.

Response to Purity

We have no direct involvement with the 5by20 initiative. Suggest you contact Coca-Cola directly.



how do i register for 5by20

i saw the advert on tv about this .i am a young women who need empowerment who do i call at cocacola about 5by20

empowerment of women

Dear Charlotte,
congratulations with your empowerment project.
We have similar projects -incubators- partnered by government and individual firms . You are also welcome to partner with Cofesa.
One of our projects for black graduates incubates them, mentor and skill them in human resources and labour relations. They will then be HR & IR practitioners for business, (municipalities) local and national government. They will render professional services such as performance assessments, disciplinary hearings (hearings are in arrears for some years at government departments). We aim to render this service to local, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Botswana and other Africa Union citizens as well.

Best wishes
Hein van der Walt


Kindly advise with more info for women empowerment in Limpopo in the 5by20.

needs to be empowered by coca cola

I'm business woman who wishes to explore globally,I run a kitchen at benoni taxi association,were soft drinksare bought on a daily basis and they are in demand coz they always have meetings