Business and human rights in Burma

Annette Stube, director of group sustainability at Maersk, the Danish transport and energy conglomerate, talks to Ethical Corporation’s Jeni Bauser Yaghoubi about Maersk’s business and human rights action plan, and how the company is slowly developing operations in Burma.

They were speaking at the recent Business for Social Responsibility conference in New York.

Annette Stube

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Ethical Corporations in Burma

Dear Ms Stube

I would be very interested to talk to you some more about your company's engagement with Myanmar/Burma. I have a long experience of research in Southeast Asia and am happy to provide further details. I am not trying to write a paper about this but to get a feel the issues relating to sustainability from your company's perspective.

Best Wishes


You can listen to them through the iTunes store - although luck would have it we're having problems with this at the moment.

Should be sorted soon


Hi. Is it possible to download these podcasts on my computer instead of listening to them on my browser? I'm interested in listening to them on my mp3 player.
Thank you
Kind regards