Webinar Debate: Business innovation and sustainability – Practical steps to make a circular economy possible

19/02/2015 - 19/02/2015, Webinar

The 45-minute webinar is focused on new business models and resource efficiency to make a circular economy a reality. Get strategic insight on how and where McCain Foods, Jaguar Land Rover and Royal BAM Group are evolving their business to create a circular economy.

Essay: Where is ‘true north’ for sustainable business?

Business needs to accelerate the shift from incremental to transformational change

Get on the right path

Sustainable business cannot exist in a policy vacuum, but in light of the Rio+20 summit in June, focusing on the role of business leadership seems critical.

There are many doubts over the ability of the inter-governmental process to deliver meaningful progress and timeframes on issues such as climate change.

Looking forward, in getting our bearings right, it is important to ask whether the push towards sustainable business has delivered more or less success than meets the eye. It is perhaps more important to ask where “true north” lies on the road ahead for business to innovate and align market forces with sustainable development.

Finding true north for sustainable business means resetting the compass, from the misleading “magnetic north” of incremental change, to radical change. True north means advancing the sustainable business agenda beyond celebrated examples of innovation from pioneer companies at the margins, to rethinking and reinventing the economic and business...

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