The impact of boardroom ethics, how multinational supply chains can help and some developing economy smart businesses

CR in the C-suite

“Tone from the top.” It’s one of those awful management clichés. But that doesn’t stop the idea behind the maxim having validity. This paper offers an intriguing comparative study into the relative management weight afforded to corporate responsibility in Scandinavian and US companies. The paper identifies 10 of the largest Scandinavian corporates as having a senior management-level role with “CSR” or a strict equivalent in the title.

The list includes telecoms giant Nokia in Finland and Norwegian life insurer Storebrand. The US boasts a total of 36, with bank JP Morgan Chase and carmaker Ford among the notable names. In relative terms, however, the Nordics have it, with about 7% of their largest firms giving top management billing to corporate responsibility compared with only 3% in the US.  

Are these just bums on boardroom seats? Not at all, Strand argues. His research shows that those corporations with a top management team position for corporate responsibility are three times more likely to be included in the Dow Jones sustainability index than corporations with none. The paper makes no explicit claim of causation, but the correlation is a powerful one. “Corporations who care enough to divert precious resources to an...

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