The US company doesn’t charge a premium for products made with recycled gold and third-party certified diamonds

Brilliant Earth, an ethical jewellery company based in San Francisco, sees a growing market among millennials for ethical sourced jewellery.

In a survey it conducted last year, 80% of millennials said ethical sourcing was an important consideration when selecting an engagement ring, compared to 66% of the general population.

Partly this is fuelled by growing concern about the gold supply chain (see Alarm grows over blood gold). Investigations by Global Initiative Against Transnational Organised Crime have shown that criminal gangs have moved into gold mining in Colombia, Venezuela, Peru, Bolivia and Ecuador. Besides labour abuses, illegal mining practices have destroyed large areas of forests and polluted waterways with toxic chemicals such as mercury and cyanide.

Brilliant Earth uses only recycled gold and platinum, retrieved from old jewellery, industrial metals and electronic components. It recently became the first jewellery company to receive independent third-party certification on its diamond sourcing and recycled metal content by SCS Global Services. The diamonds originate from mines in Canada, Botswana, Namibia, Russia and South Africa that adhere to strict labour, trade, and environmental standards.

“The authenticity of our products really resonates with our customers,” says Beth Gerstein, who founded the...

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